Estate Sale Auctioneer in Clovis, NM

Property auctions are designed to help sellers get the most for the items they no longer need. But they can only achieve this goal if they’re priced and offered accordingly. At W & J Auction Service Inc., we’ve been putting our property auction expertise to work with Clovis, NM customers for more than 60 years, facilitating property auctions that result in lucrative cash sales for sellers and premium buying opportunities for anyone bidding.

Turnkey Estate Sale Auctions

As an experienced estate auctioneer, you can count on us to assist you from start to finish. We create turnkey estate sale auctions that attract buyers and investors who will pay competitive prices for the items you no longer want. The result is a swift and efficient process that culminates in your satisfaction.

  • Our services ensure the starting bid for every item draws attention at auction.
  • We provide an estate auctioneer who will facilitate the auction and bidding.
  • All sales are final and all transactions happen same-day, for a swift resolution.
  • You will receive payment ten days after the auction with an itemized list of items sold.
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Downsizing at a Profit

Many people recognize the value in an inherited estate, but aren’t sure how to capitalize on it. When you choose us as your estate auction company, our expertise and knowledge become the easiest way to capitalize on estate value. We identify everything of value and appraise it so you know exactly what you’re sitting on. From late-model appliances and luxury furniture to jewelry and collectables, we give you fair and honest estimates that help you reap the most value from your estate.

Ready to Host an Estate Sale?

W & J Auction Service Inc. is ready to put our expertise to work for you. Let us show you why we’re the longest-tenured estate sale auctions expert in Clovis, NM! Contact us today at 575-763-7311 for more information about the estate auction process and how we can tailor it around your situation.

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