Home & Real Estate Auctions in Clovis, NM

Real estate is an illiquid asset and a difficult one to manage if you’ve inherited property or have a stake in a home you no longer want. The quickest way to turn illiquid property into liquid cash is through a home auction. W & J Auction Service Inc. helps property owners in Clovis, NM sell unwanted homes for cash, to investors who don’t care what condition it’s in.

Instead of going through the protracted process of listing and selling a home through the conventional MLS, a real estate auctioneer can help you sell your property for cash, fast. Let us show you how.

Why Choose a Home Auction?

Home auctions provide eager sellers with a number of benefits they just won’t get through a real estate agent and a conventional listing. Here’s a look at some of the biggest reasons to consider selling your Clovis, NM home or other real property at auction:

  • Cash buyers don’t need financing, which means a faster transaction.
  • Auctions drive up the price of your property, to ensure the best possible selling price.
  • Cash buyers are often investors, who look past the current condition of a home.
  • The Seller must provide survey, termite inspection, house inspection, and title search documentation.
  • The Seller has the right to accept or decline the highest bid.
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We’ll Assist You Every Step of the Way

Real estate auctions can be a mysterious process for owners, which is why we take the time to illuminate it. We’ll tell you exactly what to expect when you put your home up for auction, and we’ll make sure it’s well-positioned to sell quickly. Our home auctioneers will field bids and handle the transaction details, so all you need to do is sign on the dotted line to get cash for your home.

Sell Your Home Fast, For Cash

If you have an inherited home or other real property that you no longer want or need, contact W & J Auction Service Inc. to discuss the many opportunities of a real estate auction. Contact us today at 575-763-7311 to learn more about the process and benefits.

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